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July 11, 2024
Managing workforce holiday: A guide for business owners
This summer has brought with it several major sporting events – The Euros, Wimbledon and the Tour de France are currently all in progress, and the Olympics begin later in July. While this can be good news for businesses working in hospitality and retail, there can also be a dip in productivity as employees take time off or become distracted during major matches or events.
July 10, 2024
Economy growth higher than estimated
Figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that the economy grew by 0.7% between January and March. This is higher than their initial estimate of 0.6%, and means that the country’s emergence from recession was stronger than expected.
July 8, 2024
Election results in: What will be the effect on your tax bill?
So, the election results are in and the Labour party won the country’s mandate to form a new parliament. What could that mean for the tax you pay?
July 4, 2024
Base rate plateau a concern for small businesses
In the wake of the Bank of England's decision to maintain the base rate at 5.25%, the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has expressed concern about the impact on small business growth and investment.
July 3, 2024
Voluntary Code of Conduct for Directors: will it make a difference?
The Institute of Directors (IoD) have published a consultation document on a code of conduct for directors.
July 1, 2024
Are you ready for a cyber attack?
The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) provides an ‘Exercise in a Box’ online tool that can help businesses check how resilient they are to cyber attacks as well as practise their response in a safe environment.
June 27, 2024
Meta pauses plans to train AI with user data
Meta, the company behind Facebook and Instagram, have had plans to use Facebook and Instagram user date to train generative AI.
June 26, 2024
Don’t be caught by false claims on business rates appeal deadlines
The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) has issued a warning about false claims being made about the deadline for appealing the 2023 list for business rates.
June 24, 2024
Inflation falls to 2%
Figures released by the Office of National Statistics show that the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) for May 2024 was 2%. This is a reduction from the 2.3% assessed in April and means that inflation has hit the Bank of England’s target rate for the first time in nearly 3 years.
June 20, 2024
Invest in Women Hub launched
If you are a female entrepreneur in the UK, you can now access a new resource designed to help you access the finance you need to start, grow, and scale your business. The new hub is designed as a one-stop shop that provides the resources and information you need.
June 19, 2024
Latest labour market trends: what they mean for your business
The latest labour market report from the Office for National Statistics shows a few important trends that might affect your business.
June 17, 2024
Exploring finance options for small businesses: A guide to fuelling growth
Shawbrook Bank recently conducted research that indicated that half of small business owners have had to raid their savings to fund their businesses.
June 13, 2024
Advice for charities to concentrate on their positive work
The Charity Commission has recently concluded its regulatory compliance case into the Actors’ Benevolent Fund and has drawn out some lessons that can benefit all charities.
June 12, 2024
More indicators of a cut in interest rates to come
The Bank of Canada announced a cut of a quarter of a percentage point to its key interest rate last week, bringing the rate down to 4.75%.
June 10, 2024
How a general election can affect your business
The news is currently full of reports on the general election, so much so that you may be inclined to switch off rather than hear any more about it!