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There are times when your business needs that extra bit of help, be it with strategy or business development. The role of a financial director is not one that would normally be considered temporary, but with Andow Ellis we offer a tailored personalised contact, where Tim will sit down with you to talk about your business and what needs to be done.

There is no better feeling than seeing your business become more profitable. Monitoring and assessing your cash flow, helping you with forecasting, and regular breakdowns of what you need to do next will be the main focus here. The development and growth of your business is paramount, so we’ll give you the space and peace of mind to witness the fruits of our expertise.

It’s not just about numbers though – our experience is with all aspects of a business. Drawing on this knowledge and experience allows us to be a sounding board, a critical friend, and a guide. We run a business too, so have probably faced your dilemmas at some point.

Nothing will be confusing, all will always be made clear. Hopefully, at the end of the process, you will have learned a thing or two and won’t need us in the future. But, rest assured we will be there should you need us again.

“The expert advice and guidance that Andow Ellis has provided my business over the past 5 years or more has been instrumental in giving us the confidence and reassurance to grow and diversify.”

Shaun Parker | Managing director 

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If you like the sound of a friendly local accountant who understands the challenges you face, with a relentless focus on efficiency and consistency, we should talk sooner rather than later. We can’t wait to learn about your business and start sharing ideas.

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